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About Bryan's Sunrise Images

Bryan's Sunrise Images is comitted to producing and displaying only
what Bryan and his staff (me, myself, and I) consider to be the
best and most interesting of our photos and art.

I am not a professional (obviously) and have never taken any courses
or classes in photography or art. These photos are of things which
struck me as interesting at the time, and I just try
to present them in a nice fashion, while keeping the images
as quick to load in your browser as I can without losing
too much quality.

My camera of choice right now is a Kodak DC240 Digital Camera,
which I like because of the ease of getting images into the computer
without much touchup work. Also it is easy on my wallet since I
take around 150 photos a week now, so I don't have to skimp
on how many photos I take to get a nice one. Film and processing fees
were taking their toll! :-)

I have found other sites which feature stunning works, and have
placed some links to them. I try not to link to many of the largest
photo sites because they are easy to find. There are many smaller
sites which have wonderful works, and they are the sites I wish to
help give some exposure to.

Maintaining this site is a hobby for me, and obviously I have
not profited from it (yet?). I hope you enjoy what you see,
and please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.